31 July – 9 August

Summer Camp – Comboni Missionaries – UK & IR

“On the Way” – The disciples’ hearts were burning ‘On The Way’ to Emmaus as Jesus talked to them all about the Scripture…But they only recognized Him in the breaking of bread.
Jesus invites us to walk with Him in the journey of life with open hearts and minds to recognize  Him in people’s faces and their life situations.


Bakita House: People cry for freedom and dignity.

Soup Kitchen: People cry for an equal share of resources.

Homelessness: People cry for basis Human Rights


St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 218 Roehamtom Lane, Sw15 4 LE London
Fr. Alberto Pelucchi – 07731695749  (London)
Fr. Melaku Tafesse – 07572626887 (Leeds)
Fr. Ruben Padilla – +353 899833135 ( Dublin)
Fr. Javier Alvarado – 07474548837 ( Glasgow)