Word in the Cosmos

The Word is creative in a variety of directions: “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, by the breath of His mouth all their host” (Ps 33.6). Wisdom points out that it is possible to contemplate the Author, starting from the beauty of his accomplished work (cf Wis 13.1 to 9).

We read a poem, contemplate with admiration a work of art, and date back to the genius of the Author, his drawings as if the images express the fullness of the energy that creates. The Psalms and whole the Scripture are beautiful when they conduct the reader to a sort of reconciling wonder. How can it be otherwise, before the images that evoke the creation of almost a dancing harmony? “The heavens declare the glory of God, the work of his hands announces the firmament” (Ps 19.2), the psalmist proclaims.

And the same eternal Word speaks to his child through a dialogue of freedom, seeking with persistent attention his fate: “Where are you?” (Gen 3.9). Creating Word is the same as frees and safes. Religious listening also involves the ability to see the divine care of nature’s colour and in the variety of its landscapes.

The word of God appeals to man’s heart, urging him not to terminate in indifference or, worse still, in their horizons, thinking that the goods to protect and defend are only those of your own home. The Word, which takes form in the creation and shines for those who can grasp, is now deeply marred in its beauty; it is likely to suffer a kind of blackout just in a channel that has inspired poets and saints; the writings that are now part of world literature. 

The Word itself comes helping us, if we listen with an understanding heart: it is the sap from which we draw for the formation of consciences that still want to make the world habitable.

The Word is communication. Speaking to the heart of man encouraged him to look with new eyes at the entire cosmos, to make educational projects mature sense of wonder and discovery of his tracks. 

Each man lives his own unique history; communication needs always humble listening of the other, to identify the correct language, to generate dialogue. 

The Word, with the docility and strength that come from the Spirit, more than any other tool transforms the human soul, brings joy to the heart, and enlightens the eyes (cf Ps 19.9) of those who light in the light of the Word: eyes “contemplate” the world in its beauty and, in looking at it, sing it with heart or reveal in creative ways. When the Word becomes music, song, or image, its fruits are very abundant and awaken openness to transcendence.

The Word is living, comforts, and calls for change, queries, and indicates the paths of light. This is because the personal relationship is the way forward: a relationship between alive. We do not fully understand people if we do not listen if we do not know their history. There is an empathy that you live only for yourself, your emotions, and your heart. Similarly, the Word of God, penetrates deeply into the human heart, respecting a possible refusal. Christ stands at the door and knocks, but you have to open the door (cf Rev 3.20).

Everyday life is made of encounters, faces, and listening. Jesus has always favoured the language related to life, and his announcement is in the most ordinary, and especially from similarities and understandable narratives from his listeners. While technology remains an invaluable tool, it involves a serious reflection on the limits and style of communication that conveys and produces. The style of homo zapping is certainly not characterized by long times, typical in the internalization.

There is a time for everything: love asks for fidelity and acceptance, creativity, and pauses. In the transmission of the Word, the Christian community gives to brothers in faith his precious baggage, but you have to poke insistently and intelligence to find the precious pearl, and above all to remember, look for a vital relationship, as the angel says to the seer of Patmos” Take and eat; will be bitter to the bowels, but in your mouth will be sweet as honey “(Revelation 10.9).

The journey towards the fullness of humanity is sustained by his love: “… mankind will be saved is including everything, I mean everything that is created and the creator of everything because in the man is God, and in God is everything” (Julian of Norwich). (Antonietta Augruso)

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