Peru. Mission means to walk together

Two Lay Comboni Missionaries: “It is through all the people we meet on a daily basis that we hear the call to mission”. 

Many are the times when we leave our house and venture along the winding paths and the hills of the Villa Ecológica. And many are the time when along the way we meet life stories shared with simplicity on a threshold. The street is the place where we enjoy spending our time. In the simplicity of each encounter we recognize and share life values.

Each face we meet speaks to us of a culture, of a people with which we are each time falling more in love. Often they let us enter into their homes and share with us their daily bread. It is through all the people we meet on a daily basis that we hear the call to mission.

Mission means to walk together, to accept one another as we are and be accepted in a bosom filled with life’s experiences. We walk together, often in silence, the path of liberation. Every day we are the symbols of an Easter which is built daily.

 We grow hand in hand in the Love of the One who calls us to be more. We grow in the certainty that we are never alone. Here is where we are called to be. With the poorest. Connected to the miracle of love. And, as the song goes, “It is Christ who calls me, gets closer to me. Smiling He tells you, come to me. Close your eyes and let yourself be taken. Yes, He chose you and you must say, “Yes, Lord. Here I am. You are in me.”

It is marvellous to be connected with all these families who join our lives in order to live the fullness of the Ayllu Project. With the help of many including yours we strive to make a difference in this land that we now call home. We are with them. We share in their struggles and together we celebrate their victories. We live together this moment of joy. (Neuza and Paula)