Why was I born at Christmas?

 I loved humankind from the day that I was born in poverty
 Of injustice of a stable and a slum, with the abandoned and the poor I lived and walked and told them we were one.

Born a child so vulnerable, so poor, among the wretched of the earth,
yet the rich and powerful would hunt and try to kill me within days of my birth.

Children slaughtered by hunger and the sword, to Egypt my parents fled, a refugee child I became while hundreds more were dead.

I see much the same today and challenge you to ask how that can really be,
has my mission failed, what change is there to see?

I grew to teach respect, to love the poor, the majority of human-kind,
I declared their rights to equality, and dignity of body, heart, and mind.

I was born to change the world to fight corruption, evil, and all wrong,
Now believe that doing justice, goodness, to speak the truth,
is the life where you belong.

Live your life with integrity that makes you authentic, true in word and deed,
 to face the powers of evil, with faith and action overcome oppression and the greed.

Join me on this journey, give hope and life, and find happiness along the way,
 You only live once on this blessed earth, give thanks every night and day.

 Fr. Shay Cullen

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