Quiet Prophecy

Christian discipleship calls all of us to be prophetic, to be advocates for justice, to help give voice to the poor, and to defend truth. But not all of us, by temperament or by particular vocation, are called to civil Continue reading

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We believe you

We believe you are the God of the poor
and that poverty includes being hungry, unemployed and orphaned,
living on a pension or grant,
meagre earnings for arduous and hazardous work,
ill health, anxiety and stress and the absence of Continue reading

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The Way of Life

O God, Creator and Sustainer, we offer thanks for the richness of creation, for the hidden treasures of the earth, fruitful, extravagant, and boundless.With joy, we receive them from your hand and wonder, “Who are we, your creatures, that Continue reading

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God of life

We thank you because you have given us the strength to be together in these moments, to invoke you, to present to you everything that moves us, to listen to the good news that you have for us in these Continue reading

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We Praise You

We praise you for the beauty we see around us,

for the infinite variety of your creation –

the skies, the mountains, the valleys,

the plains, the rivers and the seas.

The bounty of your creation adds richness and providence Continue reading

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