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It is a long-standing tradition among the Comboni missionaries to open their doors and offer hospitality to all. Therefore, by being a missionary congregation it is a part of our charism to welcome people and entertain them in a fraternal spirit. Actually, our founder Daniel Comboni used show concern for young people and had a great love for them. Furthermore, he noticed that without the young there is no future. In fact, he used to keep a room for young people to have their own space where they could feel at home and interact among themselves. Comboni was highly motivated in investing his energy and time for the growth of the young people.  

Following the footstep of our Founder, the community of Leeds was delighted to welcome the Leeds Trinity University students for the annual barbecue as in previous years. Such events help to bring us together as the family of God and we spend time exchanging views and values. Moreover, this annual barbecue gives us an occasion to congratulate all the final year students who are leaving the university and to wish every success in their future lives. 

A word of thanksgiving from Hannah, a lay chaplain of Leeds Trinity University. 

The Comboni Fathers hosted their annual BBQ on the 6th of June for the students, staff and community at Leeds Trinity University. 30 people with a range of backgrounds from or around the university attended. For some the BBQ was the first encounter they had with the Comboni Fathers. 

It was a wonderful occasion and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening despite the weather. We persevered with the weather like any British person would and had the BBQ in the rain. Fr Franco and Fr. Melaku came to the rescue and braved the rain to cook for everyone, whilst Fr Tiziano spent, time chatting with people inside. It was a wonderful and entertaining evening for all. Everyone who attended left in high spirits after spending time with one another and the Comboni fathers.

 “Despite being damp outside, the Combonis BBQ was anything but damp inside! Thank you again for your amazing generosity and allowing such a friendly group of people to get together in your home.” – Keith, LTU Staff. 

“The BBQ was a great evening with the Fathers and it was lovely to see people who don’t often get involved with chaplaincy or have much contact with Combonis.” – Hannah, LTU Student.

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