God of life

We thank you because you have given us the strength to be together in these moments, to invoke you, to present to you everything that moves us, to listen to the good news that you have for us in these times of struggles but also of hope.

Come to us yourself and wake us up! Give us your light! Be our consolation! Speak to each one of us in such a way that we hear from you what we need and what helps us to face life and our commitment to our families, communities of faith and the people of our towns and villages now that we are suffering the consequences of what we have done with your creation.

This is why we invoke your presence, so that you may help us resist the forces of death and tell us what we must do; so that your Kingdom of Life may shine in the midst of the darkness of pain, of the destructive plague, of injustice, the human loathing and the destruction of your entire creation.

Today we raise our eyes and our voice before you, God of our lives, to you we raise our hearts and our hands on this day. We entrust ourselves to you.

Just as the eyes of the child are on the father and the mother, so are our eyes on you, Lord, waiting for your love, your breath of life, sure and certain that your Word never returns empty.

We want to open our eyes to the light of your gospel.

We want to look at life head on and with meaning.

Lord, by invoking you on this day, we offer you all that we are and all what we have.

We offer you the little things that we do every day.

Thank you, God, because everything, even the most mundane daily things, is an opportunity that you give us to live intensely, putting love in everything we do, to bless the little ones of the earth.

We wish to feel the closeness of your presence and the satisfaction of knowing that, on this day we will receive from you the portion of your grace to sustain us with faith and trust in these times of world-wide pain and uncertainty.

When our ideals are in question, we need you to take the thread of our devotion, transforming chance into destiny.

You didn’t tell us: “I am the answer”, but “I am the way”.

You did not ask us to succeed but to be faithful.

You did not promise us hidden paradises, but that you would be with us until the last day, transforming chance into a destiny of full life.

That is why we invoke you today in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. (Javier Ulloa Castellanos – Mexico)

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