How to be a “Silent Person”

Silence is essential for prayer, interior lives and personal sanctification. External silence is a powerful manifestation of a person’s serenity, calmness, tranquillity and peacefulness. A person who enjoys and keeps silence is a revered person and pleasant to deal with. A “silent person” will be courteous, gentle, polite and generally well-mannered. He commands respect and admiration.

In silence, we can discern our call and mission. In noise and without silence, our mind and heart will be crowded with distracting ideas and desires that often make us deviate from our mission and choice of vocation. It is only when we can find silence that we can be more attuned to our inner voice and the prompting of God that is speaking within us, guiding us. It teaches us that simplicity and joy are close companions and helps us become creative and realize our potentiality. Gospels tell us that during the period of silence in the wilderness, Jesus was tempted. It was noise, it was distraction, it was pollution of the mind.

Have you ever noticed how we run from silence and how enthusiastic we are for noise? We have got used to the noise created by cars, industries, entertainment and communication gadgets. Our homes, streets and towns are filled with noise. We have built apathy for the situation. Noise seems to be the price we pay for being modern and sophisticated. One has to make a decisive effort to keep silence which is not always easy.

Silence ought to be enjoyed rather than forced upon. It is a matter of self-discipline, maturity and courteousness. It is the highest state of education to realize that silence is beautiful, powerful and healing; a moment of introspection and healing. Silence is the medicine for modern maladies created by pollution of all types, both internal and external.

Noise alienates us from our own self. We fail to find the comfort zones where we can rest our body, mind and soul, we lose our identity and a sense of self. Silence can enable us reach within ourselves to find a remedy for stress and anxiety. We can easily relax if things are quiet and remove ourselves from the confusion, chaos of the world and discover many things in our lives for which we can be grateful and find a sense of fulfilment.

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