The Art of Creation: Prayer to the God of All Names

O God of All Names and Beyond All Names,

I pray in great gratitude this holy day for Love.

Love raises the sun and greets me

in each drop of water I drink,

in each crumb of bread I taste,

in each smile and tear I touch,

in each child I meet.

In a mantle of awe I stand enwrapped.

My feet rest upon Earth and my head meets the moon.

O Holy One, our times are fraught with challenge.

Our Earth suffers climatic chaos,

Men, women and children suffer from wounds of conflict,

droughts, floods and crumbling economic systems.

All manner of suffering and questions press into my soul.

My small beating heart does not seem large enough…

yet daily it keeps expanding beyond body boundaries into Compassion.

Each morning Love rises beyond a known horizon in the unknown day.

Each morning Hope beckons me into my stardust destiny.

Each noontime Grace feeds me with Love.

Each evening an invisible Breath enfolds me in a shawl of mercy.

O Holy one Who Is Love, Hope, Grace and Breath

transform our sadness and doubt into songs for Life.

We pray for our beloved planet and all brothers and sisters.

May healing waters bathe the rivers and oceans.

May small, deliberate actions grow seeds of Earth justice.

May one prophetic note of the smallest birdsong courageously sung

on a busy street at dawn inspire leaders to free their voices to speak

for the Common Good and future generations.

O God of All Names and Beyond All Names, Whose Face is Love

May I and we collectively

Be the face of Transforming Love

In this moment, In this day, In these times.


Attributed to Howard Shapiro, from “Full Circle”

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