To Have a Goal, A Positive Purpose.

One of most important things for a happy meaningful life is to have a goal, a positive purpose that does good for others and for ourselves. It can be helping in the community, supporting in a shelter for the homeless, or raising funds for a worthy cause.

Some people feel called to be involved with a campaign for peace and human rights and to make this a happier, more peaceful and forgiving world. Some set out to save the environment from destruction and degradation and to protect the planet and the people.

Others are dedicated to protecting human rights and ending violence by non-violent means. That means doing all we can to bring about justice in the community.

The spirit of Pentecost, the power of the inner spirit of hope, compassion and integrity to change the world. This is the spirit that gives us the power to be prophetic. That means to have courage to speak out and denounce evil, wrongdoing, sexual exploitation of children and corruption.

That spirit also gives hope and a belief that positive action can eventually bring about a more just society where people have enough for a life of dignity.

The mission for justice is the greatest challenge, the most prophetic and the most dangerous. We all need the spirit of truth to dwell within us to enable us to endure to the end and break through the great silence that ignores injustice and abuse and keeps the poor in bondage.

This is what we can overcome with the spirit of hope and power to love others more than ourselves.

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