What are the “Four Gives” and the “Four Gets“

The “four gives” and the “four gets” are about the “giving” and “receiving” attitudes in relationships with God, others, the world, and oneself.

Give others their Rights. Let us not deprive other people of what is due to them. Let us learn to respect one another, especially the “little ones” in our midst. “Whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Give the world a chance. Let us take care of God’s creation. May there still be a wonderful world for the next generations after us. 

Give yourself a break. Let us turn away from our self-centeredness which makes us miserable. Let us give ourselves a break from our bad habits and shallow mindsets. 

To Give thanks. A grateful heart is a happy heart. A grateful person is a delight to our loving Father. 

The “Four Gets”:

Get closer to God.  As we grow older, may God become more real and more personal to us. Are we more obedient and more docile to His will? Can we value Him more than our worldly riches and achievements? Are we stronger in our suffering because of Him? 

Get real with people. Is our presence to other people sincere? Do we go the “extra mile” or give the “extra smile?” Do we go beyond justice, and take the road of humility, forgiveness, and love?

Get involved with the world. Do we care at all about people who are sick, suffering, or are victims of injustice? Are we so busy making a name for ourselves that we forget to make a difference? Have we forgotten our mission to be “a salt of the earth and a light to the world?” 

Get out of your shell. Have we stopped broadening our horizons, and have limited our sight to what is comfortable and pleasurable? Have we forgotten that life is a leap of faith, an investment for what lies beyond?  

The “Four Gives” and the “Four Gets” can be useful “signposts” in our journey.  (Jerry M. Orbos/ SVD)

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