Without Youth There Is No Mission

“Without youth there is no mission.”  

Young people are the foundation of our society and have a vital role to play in it. As children of God they are invited to contribute to the development of their own people as well as to that of the world at large, by making use of their undoubted talents. They are, indeed, the hope of the future. The changes they will bring about are needed if we are to have a healthy and sane society. 
Many young people are engaged in the fields of education and scientific research. Their discoveries will contribute to the welfare of human beings and creation in general. Realising this Comboni Missionaries make the education of young people a priority. 
New technologies can help us to share in the process of changing the world and are of particular interest to the young.

Comboni Missionaries therefore focus their efforts on this aspect of modern society which appeals to young people. We are passionately committed to empowering young people as ambassadors of God’s message and we value the new technologies sadly, these same technologies can subject young people to many pressures and temptations, influences which could lead to their exploitation. Their very enthusiasm and single-mindedness could lead them into danger which wiser counsels could help them to avoid. 
Confronted by changes, they cannot isolate themselves but have to deal with them. Our web page is an invitation to them to enter on a journey of discernment which will guide them in their future lives. Above all it will encourage them to strengthen their relationship with God. 
By nature eager and adventurous they lack the prudence which age brings. The aspirations of these young people need guidance and enlightenment. This is where the Comboni Missionaries come in. While respecting their freedom, they look forward to sharing their experience in youth outreach acquired in four different continents. The young are the driving force of the new society and the hope for the future. The leaders of society all over the world depend on their young people. St Daniel Comboni, our founder, said: “Without youth there is no mission.”

So having looked at the objectives of this page “This can be for you”, what are our expectations? It will present a very attractive and positive light on issues that particularly affect young people and meet their priorities. It endeavours to cover all the issues which affect their physical and spiritual growth. It will be helpful to find out issues relating to faith, social life, human rights, youth education, spiritual growth in Christ, ecumenism, toleration and the economic issues affecting work with young people. It will illustrate the work of the Comboni Missionaries among the young people particularly in Africa and Europe. It will also embrace attractive, educational opportunities open to young people in two ways: through writing articles providing examples for young people or portraying the lives of these young people through photos or other images. 
We should look at it from a Christian and missionary point of view. The stories from young adults in different parts of the world could provide a positive constructive view helping others to find answers to the problems in their lives. 
As a Missionary Institute, we feel the great responsibility to listen to the heartbeat of young adults. We are delighted to walk together as the family of God towards the mission of Christ.

WHY Not? This can be for you

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Father Melaku Tafesse Amente