Music is the language of love

This year Leeds Trinity University is celebrating its Golden Jubilee.  It used to be called Trinity and All Saints Teacher Training College and was founded in 1966.  Since then, thousands of students have passed through this college and have contributed to enormous progress, particularly in the field of education and in other sectors of society.  In 2013 it became Leeds Trinity University, attracting many young people from all over the world.  Leeds Trinity University began celebrating its fifty years of service in September 2016, hosting various events such as Eucharistic Celebrations, holding different conferences, sports events and many other activities.

On the 4th of March 2017, Leeds Trinity University organised an extraordinary event which was held in Leeds Cathedral.  The Cathedrals Group Choir Festival, which comprised 11 universities across England, Leeds Trinity Cathedral Boys’ and Girls’ choir and many other choir groups made the evening gorgeous.  All the university choir groups and other groups performed terrific spiritual music.  I honestly admired the atmosphere of the audience’s attention; you cannot imagine how the spirit of the singers captured the attention of the listeners.

Ninety percent of the singers were young adults who engaged themselves in praising God.  The choir festival went on for more than three hours but the last twenty minutes had a spectacular scenario, which gave magnificence to it.  When all three hundred singers, aged from 12 to 70, joined in singing, it seemed like Angels had come down from heaven and were singing among us.
The singers and the musicians delivered their fabulous performances, which inspired all the audience.  It was absolutely amazing to see more than 300 singers coming together and singing.  It was breath-taking, as if it were coming from one single voice. 

Young adults must engage in praising God through singing and worshipping Him.  Music has no boundaries, no ethnic background, no race and no religion, but it explores the love of God and enhances human values.  Nowadays, many young adults prefer to listen to music rather than to sing.  As a matter of fact, young adults can express their feelings in both ways, which will enable them to appreciate God’s gift.  Music is the part of our human culture in which we express our joy or sadness.

Music has a very important role in the life of human beings.  It has a natural capacity to enable us to share from the beginning with others.  Therefore, we are forced to appreciate this gift of God and we should use it in an appropriate manner for positive, constructive purposes.  It is clear that most young adults value music because it is the most inspiring form of art.  Furthermore, by its rhythm, melody, harmony of tones and variety of sounds, music produces endless scales of feelings and humours.  Music can promote the most high and decent feelings in a person.  There is no doubt that the Cathedrals Group Choir Festival event promoted the spirit of prayer in our hearts.

As a young adult, do you recognize that music has the power to talk to God? 
Why do you not listen to some spiritual songs and, by doing so, you might find a serenity of life in you?

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